Should I add a vampire to my story?

To add a vampire or not add a vampire.

To sell more books or not to sell more books.

That is the question.


It’s easier, lazier to throw in a Vampire.

Do I surrender to a quick sell?

Do I hold out for my vision?


My beta reader says make him a vampire.

People buy books if there’s vampires in them.

Do I resist? Do I stay my path?


Vampires are supermen.

Vampires are demigods.

Vampires are a cop out.


You can not defeat a thing with a thousand year of experience.

You can not defeat a thing with his army of the unholy.

I tire of this battle.


To sell out or not to sell out.

To sell more books at any cost.

That is the question.


Stay strong, write on.       Professor Hyram Voltage


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