Success, the power to modivate you or at least to make you work faster

Back in the 1980s I build a simple device to assist a portable radio setup. It didn’t work in the field. It didn’t work back home either, but I didn’t have time to check it out before the trip.

Fast forward 30 years. A use for the device came up so I dug it out. With the help of the internet I found the information needed to get the device working.

After rebuilding the device, it still wouldn’t work. I replaced many of the components in the device. That didn’t get it working either.

I spent a good part of yesterday working on the device. It’s not that complicated a circuit. At the end of the day it still did not work and I was depressed. Late in the night I had an idea and rebuilt the cord that connects the device to the radio. It’s a cord, simple wires. No batteries needed for a cord.

Early this morning I plugged the device in and it worked. Last night I cut the ends off the cable and installed new connectors. It could have been a bad connector, a bad solder joint, a bad piece of wire at the end of the cable. It doesn’t matter, the device works.

On the wings of success today flew by and I got a ton of stuff done. Unfortunately I didn’t get any writing done yesterday or today, but I got stuff done. It’s a horrific downer when simple things, that you built, don’t work, and a major high when you finally get them to work.

Having trouble writing? Then do something simple and get it done. Celebrate the completion. Then write.

Stray strong, write on.         Professor Hyram Voltage

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