The second printing of a digital book

You’ve written one or a dozen books after you uploaded your first digital book. You’ve written tens of thousands of words for blog post, articles or even short fiction works.

Now is the time to go through your first digital books and make them better. Many authors say their first book or first half a dozen books are still sitting in the bottom drawer of their desk, never to see the light of day. With a digital book it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Tied of working on your current book. Got a bad case of writers block, then go reread your first digital book. If your like me you’ll cringe or cry. But you don’t have to sit there. Edit the book, change the book, improve the book. Digital books are fluid. Rework the book and call it a second printing.

Even if the book is a perma-free book, it’s your introduction to new readers. You can make it better. Think bionic book.

After slaving away at upgrading your first book you’ll be eager, desperate to get back to you current work that had you writer’s blocked. You’ll want to do anything but keep slugging away at that horrible first book. The first book isn’t horrible, you have learned so much since the time you wrote the first book. Now is the time to incorporate what you learned into the first book.

Go for it. In a year or two it will be time to do another edit/rewrite of your first book and a third printing.

Stay strong, write on.     Professor Hyram Voltage

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