The 12 days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-day 5

You might have a Obsessive Christmas Decorating problem if;

If you get so busy putting up lights and displays that you forget to post an update on your Christmas decorating blog. The lights were giving me trouble last night.

If you petition the city for a zoning ordinance to allow you to install a bigger Christmas displays in your yard. Your friendly competition with your neighbor for who has the best Christmas display is getting serious.

If you have built a fence, a walls, or hung blackout curtains to keep the lights from your neighbor’s display from interfering with yours.

You have yanked down all your super bright LED Christmas lights and have an emergency order in to replace them with super, ultra bright LED Christmas lights.

If you hire someone to help put up Christmas lights and displays.

If you hire a bucket host to put up your Christmas decorations.

If you hire a 20 ton crane to put up your Christmas decorations.

If you have to hire an electrical contractor to up grade the electrical service and fuse box to your house from 100 amps to 500 amps so you can put up more lights.

You might really have a problem if you bought a 20 kilowatt generator so you can run more lights. (Hey, I disguised it as Santa’s sleigh).

Stay strong, write on. Professor Voltage

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