The 12 Days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-Day 6

You might have a Obsessive Christmas Decorating problem if;

If the Santa and his sleigh display in your front yard has more than eight reindeer because you like making the reindeer decorations.

If the people at the Hallmark store know you by your first name, know what color you like, set aside ornaments for you and have a shopping cart for you with your name on it.

If you need sun glasses when you look at your Christmas tree and the light are not even on.

If there are so many ornaments on the Christmas tree that some keep falling off.

You might really have a problem if the tree collapses under the weight of all the ornaments.

If you have one Christmas tree for the living room and one for the den, and a small living tree in a pot on your desk at work.

You dig out the 50 year old set of stencils you used as a kid to put Christmas decorations on the window with Windex. But back then Windex came in a metal can and you can’t find anything like that in the store. So you try and make your own. Now the kitchen looks like a mad scientist lab.

Stay strong, write on. Professor Hyram Voltage

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