The 12 days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-day 10

You might have an Obsessive Christmas Decorating problem if;

You try blowing your own glass Christmas ornaments on the kitchen stove. Take it from me, you’re gonna have problems if it’s an electric stove.

You really might have a problem if you order Christmas ornaments from Europe.

You might really, really have a problem if you visit Kathe Wohlfaht store/Christmas village in Rothenburg Ob der Tauber, Germany, every year.

You might have gone to far if you bought a 3D printer to make your own Christmas ornaments.

You might have a problem if you buy Elf-on-a-Shelf by the case.

You might have a problem if you have one set of ornaments for even numbered years and another for odd numbered years, and you buy so many new ornaments every year that you never have room on the tree to put the old ones.

You might really have a problem if you contracted with the Goodyear company (blimp division) to make your next Christmas inflatable yard decoration.

You really, really might have a problem if you need a pilot license to take delivery of your inflatable Christmas yard decoration.

Stay strong, write on. Professor Hyram Voltage

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