The 12 Days of Obsessive Christmas Decorating-day 9

If you spend hours watching YouTube videos of Christmas displays.

If post hours YouTube videos of your Christmas display.

You have a real problem if you post a new video of your Christmas display very week because you keep changing and upgrading your display.

If you stopped buying extension cords by the case and started buying 250 foot rolls of lamp cord to make your own extension cords.

You have a real problem if you buy the rolls of wire by the case… of 1000 foot rolls.

If you start taking a welding class at the local Junior College so you can make your Christmas displays bigger than the store bought ones your neighbor has.

If you take your cone of lights tree display into the welding shop to have them made it taller or bigger, because when you tried to weld it up it fall apart that night.

You have a real problem if this is the third time you’ve taken the cone of lights tree in to the welding shop to have them make it bigger, this week.

You have a real bad problem if you’ve applied for a permit to fly drones, so you can have the drones take your Christmas lights up, higher- much higher.

Stay strong, write on. Professor Hyram Voltage

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