Photos from ConDor XXVI

Michelle Lowe on the right and her and her beautiful assistant on left

Marie Andreas on right and her beautiful assistant on left

Demi Hungerford on right and her beautiful assistant on the left. Are you starting to see a pattern here? I got to start writing down the names.

Cake, Horns, and the Deer-in-the-headlights-look. People having fun.

Gaslight Expo San Diego pictures from the panels and talks

Here is some pictures from the talks;

Victorian Space Suit 8

Victorian Space Suit 7

Victorian Space Suit 6

Victorian Space Suit side piece 5

Victorian Space Suit 3

Victorian Space Suit 2

Victorian Space Suit 1

Vernor Vinge

Gaslight Expo Fiji Mermaid 3

Fiji Mermaid picture 3

Gaslight Mermaid Fiji Mermaid 5

Fiji Mermaid picture 5

Gaslight Expo Fiji Mermaid 4

Fiji Mermaid picture 4 replica

Gaslight Expo Fiji Mermaid 2

Fiji Mermaid picture 2

Gaslight Expo Fiji Mermaid Taylor

Fiji Mermaid picture 1 speaker Taylor

Chart reading log book

Gaslight Expo Chart reading Gordon Permann


Gaslight Expo Chart Reading 1


Gaslight Expo Opneing Ceremonies 10-5 2 Panel Opening Ceremonies 10-5 1