What does new boots have to do with writing Steampunk novels?

Last weekend I went to a western themed Steampunk event. So I needed to throw together a western styled Steampunk outfit. I dug through the load of junk I have to see what I could make out of it.

I found a huge brass belt buckle that I got back in the 1970s. Yes, I’ve never worn it, but I don’t throw things away. I in the past year I purchased a leather vest that would work perfectly.

I had some old tools that were made from bronze. I’m still looking for a pair of brass pliers. The bronze ones are commercially made non-sparking and used in area where there are explosive fumes.

What I didn’t have were the basic western clothes, and I grew up in a framing, cattle ranching community.

So it was off to the western clothing store. There I snagged a shirt and bolo tie. Not the best match to the vest’s color, but at least they were not the depressing black everyone seems to be wearing. Off to another store and I got a pair on pants that would do.

For a last minute impulse buy I decided to get a pair of western boots. I haven’t worn boots in a long time. That took a trip to three stores to find something that would fit. Luckily the ones that fit were in a color I liked.

I worked late into the night to generate a design and get the outfit mostly put together. There’s nothing like the last minute to get things done.

Why did I need an outfit or even need to go to a Steampunk event?

As an author I need to get out of my writing cave and sell books. Selling is hard. One way to sell books is to press the flesh of potential readers. Selling and politics are related and ones just about as slimy as the other.

I’ve gotten in the habit of taking pictures at Steampunk gathering and sending the picture to the people that I photograph. It gives me something to talk about and with a little luck I can get to talk about my book without being too sells-ee.

I can also ask what Steampunk readers are looking for. Market research with free food (the food was provided by the event organizers, but I brought a box of dark chocolate cookies).

Did I sell any books. I’ll have to check my Kindle sells. Go take a look at the Daemon Boat on Kindle. It’s different. Even if I don’t sell any books I still had fun, met some nice people, found that I have to make some modifications to my Steampunk outfit, and took some good photographs. I’m getting better at taking photographs at these events. It takes more than watching YouTube videos to get better at taking photographs. It’s like writing books. You have to do it to get better at writing book or taking photographs.

Stay strong, write on, and take a few photographs.

Professor Hyram Voltage