I missed a blog update Monday morning. I’ve been busy. Sunday, the day I would have written the blog was packed. The Saturday before I helped a very sick friend. It was hot and muggy. Several of us spent all day packing and moving stuff. Hot sweaty work.We got stuff done. I also got tired.

I had planned to write all day Saturday to have part of book two ready for the writers group. I also had purchased a new mother board for the old tower computer on Friday. I planned to install the mother board in the old tower computer case during breaks in writing. I need a computer that I can leave on 24 hours a day. Microsoft updates has green screened the old tower twice and Microsoft doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Also Microsoft will not let me transfer the windows 10 license when I install the new mother board. That’s not fair, they killed the old computer. It works fine in Linux and the Windows 10 update killed the computer because of something in their programming and I have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix it, not Microsoft who caused the problem.

Oh well. I planned to stay up late (till around midnight) Saturday night to edit the part of book two I was going to submit to the writers group. I fell asleep at the key board around 10:30. I have been working hard all day for weeks. To make up for going to bed at a reasonable time I got up early the next morning.

Sunday I drag my self to the keyboard and work on the edits for the 11:00 AM writers meeting. I feel bad about having to tell another friend I couldn’t come over and help them I had the meeting to go to and another friend to help Sunday. It turned out alright the friend did other things and it worked out.

I get two chapters edited and typed up just before I have to leave for the meeting. The meeting was good. We had a new member show up. I got a compliment on how I did the prologue. Complements make my day. Get out of the meeting at 1:30 and head over to the other friends place. Work for a couple of hours. Drag myself home. I try to do some cleaning, the place is a mess. Try to get ready for the tower work several of us are going to do Monday. Round up tools and material and load them into the car. Later I find out that another friend went and moved some stuff for me while I was tied up in the meeting and helping a friend.

Monday it’s take antennas off a tower. We had someone with experience climb the tower and do the high end work. It’s hot, it’s humid. I get a sun burn. We get the antennas down without anyone getting hurt. One antenna turned out to weight a lot more than we thought. Load the antennas up and haul them to their new owners. Its after 1:00 PM so I go get a late lunch.

Back home I run around in circles trying to do whatever I can. I make a run to Fry’s Electronics to get more parts for the computer I’m upgrading before Fry’s closes. At 8:00 PM I host the net, a radio broadcast for a club.

Am I busy? You bet I am. Bring it on.

Stay strong, write on and savor your free time.
Professor Hyram Voltage