Writing can be lonely. It’s just you and your thoughts. Those thoughts can be a world or a universe full of people, but they are all in your head.

The other day I was barreling down the highway on the  way to a meeting of my critique group. John Tesh was on the radio and he sited a study that promoted reading books. He said the study indicated that reading a book took you into the book world and it reduced loneliness in the test subjects.

So if you’re feeling lonely read a book. If nothing else it will give you something to talk about. Post a book review on good reads and see if you can find someone that felt the same way about the book as you did. Maybe you’ll find someone that feels the opposite way about the book. You might start an argument or, at the worst, you might find a new friend.

As an author you should have heard many times that you need to read or read more. Reading is a good source of ideas. Adds style to your writing. Exposes you to new things and takes you out of your comfort zone.

Stay strong, write on, and read a book.