When you’re looking for ideas, value every idea that comes your way. Ideas may everywhere, but each is worth more than you can ever pay. You are constantly being bombarded by ideas. Admire each idea as the precious gem that it is.

You remember the poem about Casey. He let the first pitch go by because he thought it was too low, he ignored the second pitch because it was not his style. He put everything into the last pitch. He had no choices left. Don’t do it. Ideas are not hard thrown fast balls that the pitcher wants you to miss.

When someone gives you an idea they want you to have it, not miss it. The idea is invaluable, you can’t buy it. It’s something that you might not have thought of. The experiences of the person giving it to you are different from yours, their background may compliments yours or be totally different. Don’t blow the idea off, it may be the home run you’re looking for.

Ideas are not balls. They change and can be molded into something unrecognizable. You can combine two, three, ten ideas into one. One that no one, has very thought of like that. And don’t believe that everyone has thought of everything.

It’s work to combine ideas. It’s hard to sort through ideas looking for one that’s usable. And that’s the key, finding one that’s usable, not perfect. But is your work and that makes the finial idea, your idea. If you ask someone to give you an idea or help you with an idea they are giving you something that is the most valuable thing they can give you. A piece of themselves, a piece of their background, their beliefs, a bit of their most strongly held secrets and insights. If someone gives you a piece of their soul, treat it like the most valuable thing you can every be given. Combine it, expand it, grow it into the most beautiful thing can can be.

It is not a bad thing to ask for help, to ask for an idea. It is a crime to ignore a freely given ideas. You can not buy ideas, but they are not free. You have to work to find ideas and once found you have to work with those ideas. And remember Casey struck out waiting for the perfect pitch to be handed to him. But don’t hesitated to swing for the bleacher.

There are places to look for ideas where they will be more plentiful. It won’t be on you cell phone. There you will find entertainment, not things that make you think. It won’t be on your streaming service. Again that’s to pacify the masses. Go to where the masses don’t go. The dull old history books. The old stories and legends, even the bible. Go to the silly places, like Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.

Stay Strong, write on, and collect, mash up, and grow ideas that are given to you.

Professor Hyram Voltage.