The mid-point of my morning walk around the park is across the street from a liquor store.

Today is the day after Christmas and you would have had to squeeze pass two pallets loads of what looked like cases of beer and six foot high stacks of boxes of liquor and various boxes sitting on the ground to get into the store. There was a semi-truck sitting next to the store unloading even more boxes.

That reminded me of the stories my uncle use to tell about the liquor store he owned back in the 1970s. He would tell of selling three to four hundred cases of beer on Christmas eve. That’s like two cases for everyone in town. The only time he sold more was before new years day.

This was in a town of one hundred people max. The place only had two gas stations and has never had a chain fast food place and it’s on an interstate highway.

Most people would have to drive to both liquor stores. And beer is not the only thing they would be buying, and they may be going to the store because they ran out at home.

You can drive as carefully as you can, but a drunk can hit you.

Have a safe and happy new year and have the Urber driver pick up what you need from the liquor store.

Stay strong, write on.

Professor Hyram Voltage