Gaslight Expo – Pictures, Photos, and Snapshots from San Diego

I attended the Gaslight Expo in San Diego this weekend (10-5/6). Here are some pictures I took snap shot style.

Here are some pictures of the staff in action.

This is Check-in early Friday morning;

Gaslight Expo staff 10-5 1 Gaslight Expo staff 10-5 2

This is check-in late Saturday afternoon;

Gaslihgt Expo 10-6 1 Gaslight Expo 10-6 2

Be sure to stick your head in and say thank you to the volunteers that man the tables, and bring chocolate.

Gaslight Expo 10-5 3 Gaslight Expo 10-5 4

Gaslight Epo 10-5 5 Gaslight Expo 10-5 6

Gaslight Expo 10-5 8Gaslight Expo 10-5 7

Gaslight Expo 10-5 9

Stay strong, write on, and take pictures.

Professor Hyram Voltage

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