I fire up the computer and I get a notice the VPN program needs updating.

I forget rule number 1. If you have important work to do don’t update anything.

Sure enough the updated VPN program get nailed (blocked) by Norton anti virus. Norton complains that only five Norton users use the program. Do they make it easy for a user to over ride the block. No. I paid a lot of money for this program and have used it with Norton for years with no problems. After I do everything the FAQ in Norton say to do to unblock the program my VPN still doesn’t works. Then I call Norton up. So begins a two hour process. Wait and wait to get a human on the chat. The chat person clicks and clicks. It doesn’t do any good. Reboot and up comes a Norton error message. The chat person goes in to a bunch of hidden menus and excludes a bunch of things.

Reboot again. It sort of works. To use my VPN program I have to turn on computer and reboot it twice or more.

Then I find I have a new credit card in the mail to replace the non-functioning one. Hey I spent all morning trying to get the VPN working. I sign into the bank to get the card working. The bank can’t find my login credentials. Call the bank up and get the card going. Then I try the old folks thing of hitting zero on the phone over and over till I get a human at the bank. The human says that I have no sign in credentials.

I try to create an account and after finding out the instructions are wrong I get to the last step and the web site says I it can’t get to the last step and I have to log out. Of course when I come back because I haven’t finished I will have to start over.

And people wonder why I don’t like programmers.

Stay strong, write on.

Professor Hyram Voltage