I’ve been doing a panic edit on book two, The Daemon in the Castle. Once the check clears, the editor I hired will want the manuscript. I needed to do one more pass. Boy, did I find a bunch of stuff that needed fixing. It taken days to do that last edit and the holidays have interfered with my time. I had slaved over the manuscript for months to make it the best I could before I approached an editor.

Now if I could get some decent feed back before I go to the editor. I sent book two to Beta Readers. They gave feed back but not much. I want to know first if I have written a story. I think I wrote a story, but did I. I can fool myself. I want to know if the readers like the main character. I want to know what I did right or at least well enough to make the reader happy. Once I know I will not more of it. I have a new fan. He liked book one. But I can’t get him to tell me what I did right. He did find two errors. I had that book edited and it looks like the editor did a good job. I have been accused of being a sloppy writer. If it isn’t the fact I can’t spell then it’s the dyslexia.

So I apologize. I spent Monday editing book two. I had friends over for thanksgiving and got behind on the editing. I was up late Monday editing and totally forgot to write a blog post. Now if I haven’t made a bunch of mistakes do to lack of sleep I should be ready to send the manuscript to the editor. Of course I’m going over the manuscript one more time right now.

Stay strong, write on.

Professor Hyram Voltage