Warning rant. Lock the cranberry cannon on that ranting space turkey and let’s make Thanksgiving out of it.

When I shut down my laptop last night I got the “installing update do not shut off computer” warning. Of course I wanted to shut off the computer and go to bed. At least it was a small update and loaded fast.

I had a slight hope that the new update would fix Windows 10 so that my K330 Logitech keyboard would fully work again.

It didn’t. The special button of the K330 still brings up the Windows 10 calculator. The two different function keys will bring up email and the browser. None of the other keys work. If the function keys work then Windows 10 sees the keyboard but is not processing the output of the keyboard correctly.

The up arrow key on the laptop is where the shift key is on the K330 keyboard. I keep hitting up arrow instead of Shift when I want to capitalize letters on the left side of the keyboard, when I use the laptop keyboard. This waste a lot of time fixing the resulting misplaced words.

I want my old keyboards, that I have used for years, to work again like it did last week.

Microsoft said it was going to release only one big update instead of many small updates. Yet, I have gotten two small updates and there was no warning on cNet or any of the blogs I follow that they were coming.

Is Microsoft so messed up that they have to use stealth to push out bug filled (hey I found one small bug, but I’m sure there are more bugs in the stealth updates) small/stealth updates to fix problems in the last big update.

Is Microsoft telling anyone about these small updates?

Has Microsoft fired or driven away all the good programmers that work there? Is all that is left a bunch of new or second rate programmers?

I can see it now. One manager says; “How’s the new programmers working out?” Second manager; ” What’s not to like? They’re cheaper, profit is up, share holders are happy.”

You can’t stop the updates. How long can Microsoft go on junking up users computers till someone stops or bring Microsoft down?

Why isn’t the linux guys making hay out of this?

Stay strong, write on, and try linux.

Professor Hyram Voltage