Got a late start on the decorating. Not a good sign.

The wind is cold and off the ocean. I’m running around chopping dead grass and dead heading flowers. I stop to take a load of grass to the trash can. Opening the gate I realize that I must fix it, so the displays will look their best. Run to the fence supply place and buy two heavy duty hinges. Race back and an hour and a half is gone.

Wipe down the hinges and start installing them. Look around and find the battery to the electric hacksaw. How did the battery end up in the kitchen? Saw bolts to the hinges to length. Find wrenches for bolts. Pry the big gate over and line it up. Get the battery operated drills (one for pilot holes and the other for the big drill bit) and punch holes for the gate.

Go inside for lunch and write a script. I should be writing a book.

Back to the gate. Brace, drill, bolt and do it again for the bottom hinge. Run into a road block. Go move some pavers. Check mail. Clean some weeks out of the garden. Things are looking better.

Start to wire up another tomato cage tree Christmas display. Stop and go back to work on gate.

The sun is down and it is getting colder. I see a sliver of the moon about to set. Jupiter and Saturn are so close.

Tomorrow I will get the star with all the blinking lights up.

Stay strong, write on, and enjoy.

Professor Hyram Voltage