The April update to Windows 10 has a bad feature in it. If you use Photoshop or Clip Paint Studio and draw fast, after three strokes, the pen or brush tool will change functions and you don’t want it to. I find the pen tool will become the move tool or alternate between the move and pen tool.

I took my Surface Pro 3 to the Microsoft store and they did not know about this problem. The tech there tried three different versions (old, very old, and new) of the pen that goes with the surface. They all gave the same results. He checked my drivers and they were all up to date. They did not have a computer with a drawing program installed other than Microsoft Paint. Microsoft Paint worked fine, so Microsoft knew there would be an impact and spent the time and money to up date the Microsoft Paint program.

At a presentation at the San Diego Comic Fest the presenter had the same problem with a Cintiq drawing tablet. It’s very embarrassing for a professional artist to stand before a crowd and have the equipment go nuts. Makes you look very unprofessional when that happens.

Attending the presentation was a programmer from Adobe. He said to turn off Microsoft Ink. That also turns off many pen functions.

Someone from the audience loaned the presenter an Apple computer and the presentation went on. Microsoft and Wacom lost a user who now is an Apple user.

The Adobe programmer said that Microsoft did not notify any drawing program developers or vendors that they were changing the basic way Windows 10 works with drawing programs. Microsoft did change their paint program. It will take weeks for Abode and Clip Paint Studio to change their programs and make sure the bugs are out of the changes.

This is too convenient and sounds like Microsoft did this to get rid of any old paint like programs. This accident will force users to drop the old programs if the program is no longer supported and go to Microsoft Paint. Microsoft Paint is not a photo editing program and does not have the power or features of Photoshop or Clip Paint Studio. I do not use Coral Painter or GIMP, but I suspect they no longer work correctly. If you are a windows 10 user who makes a living from a paint program you will have to take much longer to do your work. Many users will give up and go to Apple. They don’t have the time or patience to wait for a fix, and there is no guarantee that this will not happen again.

My main computer died and I was thinking of buying a Wacom Cintiq or just settle for Surface note book, but not any longer. I don’t like the over priced Apple computers, but I need a computer that works.

Stay strong, write on, try Linux

Professor Hyram Voltage