Saturday was sad. Two newspaper comic creators/spearheads announced they were retiring.

That’s not bad. If you plan and live below your means, and save a little money then retiring is great.

But during these times I need all the humor I can get. And the comics won’t be the same without those creative genius I have lived with for decades.

Sure someone else will carry on, but it’s not the same. They won’t have the same quirks and humor.

From what I can figure out it was one guy, partnered with others doing two comics, who retired. So enjoy your retirement Gary and thanks for the laughs from Shoe and Pluggers.

Also thanks to, too Howard Taylor of Schlock Mercenary. He’s not retired but the 20 year long strip has come to an end and he’s taking a break till he starts another strip.

In a way I feel like I’m losing friends. Long time friends.

There are others; Johnny Hart, Tom K Ryan,and Bill Walterson.

We need other to step in and make this a happier world. Instead the new comic creators are into making it edgier, real. That’s all the rage and all I see.

Come on Chris Fox I need another The Dark Lord Bert novel. I know you need to feed your family, but reading about people and things that can snap their finger and destroy a world is not going to lift by spirits.

Stay strong, write on.

Bacon, coffee, and a good book. Life is good.

Professor Hyram Voltage