Sorry for the last two Mondays. I missed posting and feel bad about that. I had family business to settle and a friends affairs to take care of.

I needed time to morn. Time to bring closure to a family member and a friend.

In the last two weeks I have driven 2500 miles in four days. Moved tons of books and personal belonging. Dealt with hard emotions.

Part of that driving was in a Texas thunder storm with driving rain. The roads in Texas, I was on, do not have the plastic reflector to mark the lanes. With a half inch or more of water on the road it’s hard to see the faded white paint marks between lanes. Combine this with pulling a trailer with a small pickup makes for a lot of stress. Do this at 11:00 PM and I should have my head examined.

When you tell a child “You’ll always be there” or a friend “I have your back” is the greatest thing you can say. But you can’t do it. You are a living being. You have needs and wants. As a writer you need time to write. It is not bad to take time to write or to live your life. You can’t be a slave.

I try to balance the selfishness of my time with making the most of any time I have. Don’t just go hang out with friends. Make the most of your time with friends. You don’t know how long your friends will be around. Suddenly they can be gone, even if they are younger than you are.

It is not wrong, evil, or even bad to take time for yourself. It is wrong to take all your time for yourself, but that is a different blog.

Use your time well, morn those who have passed, Carpe Deim (seize the day, but plan for the future. Planning is the best way to make the most of your time, squeeze every second, get the most out of your life).

Stay strong, write on, and Carpe Diem.

Professor Hyram Voltage