I saw a YouTube video on using Google Text to Speech to convert your writing to audio. Now I can’t find the video. Google search promotes sponsored videos over everything else. It will not give me an exact match or even a close match. Web sites that I go to for podcast often do not have a search function for the web page, or the podcast that they have done.

I read my writing out loud at least three or four times before I send the manuscript to an editor. I usually read the work a chapter at a time while editing, and I do several edits. After the clean up I go back and read the whole manuscript out load another again.

As A final run through I will read the whole book, making marks as I read.

You can get hoarse doing that.

Using Google text to speech is not a substitute for reading out loud, but works as another check of your work. It allows me to concentrate on the works, the sounds, the rhythm of the writing. Things I have trouble doing while I am reading out load. See this link for Google text to speech; https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/?gclid=CNCxyYK23-ICFYe3wAodNZMMnA . There’s a sign up for Google cloud services but you get a million letters converted to speech for free every month.

Having trouble reading your own work out loud. Now you have no excuse. Have the machine do it. There will be no friend or beta reader to embarrass you if they trip over a mangle of words that should never have been laid down on paper.

Google advertises that it has over a hundred voices and dozen of languages it can convert. Change the voice (the virtual person that is speaking for verity or a change of perspective).

Still you should read your own work out loud. If you have to hold up in a closet or sit in your car in the middle of a parking lot (outside a Starbucks or Coffee Bean) then do it.

It’s hard to read your own work, it’s work, but it’s work you have to do. It will improve your work.

Stay strong, write on, and read you own work; out loud.
Professor Hyram Voltage