On writing Steampunk

Writing is hard. Even little things like finding an editor are more difficult than they should be.

It’s not that there are not editors out there. There are thousands of editors and people who call themselves editors out there. I ‘m looking for a good one. It would help if the editor doesn’t cost much. I’ve asked other authors, I’ve looked in steampunk books for the names of editors, I’ve gone to editor sites.

I don’t want just anyone. I want an editor I can communicate with. I don’t want a service where they assign an editor from a stable of editors they have on tap. Done that, got a usable edit out of them, but that was all. I got no reason why the editor did what she did. I don’t even know the name of the editor.

I’m going to pay $2000.00 to $3500.00 for the edit. Why does it have to feel like I’m dealing with a dating service. Or worst like an escort service. OK, that was cruel. But it’s so hard.

I’ve started to reach out to others (people advertising writing courses) but that’s going no where.

Am I being too picky asking for an editor with a name, someone I can talk to? $2,000.00 for what I’m told is a weeks work should buy me some slack or email time.

Or am I just jealous of the writers I talk to that go on about how they work with their editors and how the editors helped them?

Should I just except that all I’m ever going to get is a package deal from a no name editor? Or should I risk getting taken by an unexperienced person who just decided to become an editor, but comes off as a great editor?

Writing is a lonely job, business, or hobby. Does every step have to be this hard. Do I have to get taken every time I turn around?

Recipe follows add;

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Bacon and eggs
Eggs and Bacon
Bacon, Eggs and Bacon
Bacon Eggs, bacon and bacon
(You know where this is going)
Waffles topped with eggs benedick and bacon
wonderful bacon

2 eggs
2 strips of bacon
bell pepper

Heat skillet on stove to medium heat. Add a dash of oil (olive).
Place bacon on one side of pan.
Crack eggs and let them drop into pan on other side of bacon.
Cook the way you like.
How boring.

Try this.

In small bowl beat eggs until no egg white shows. Do more than just break yokes.
Chop bacon cross wise into one third inch wide strips.
Chop a little bit of onion into quarter inch squares.
Chop a little bit of Bell Pepper into quarter inch cubes.

Heat a little oil in skillet at medium high heat.
Add bacon, onion, and bell pepper to skillet.
Cook until onion and bell pepper are soft. (once you add the eggs the vegetables stop cooking).
Add eggs. Make sure meat and vegetables are well distributed.
After a minute add cheese.
Cook until eggs are firm not runny (done).
Fold in half.

You can make this will just bacon, but the vegetables add color and taste.

Stay strong, write on, and have a healthy breakfast with bacon.

Professor Hyram Voltage