It is not Obsessive to start Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving. It’s good planning. Now starting Christmas decorating in July when they start putting out Christmas items in the big box store, now that’s obsessive. Besides it’s not as cold around Thanksgiving as it gets around Christmas.

I do not buy Christmas lights by the case. I have bought them by the 3/4 case, after Christmas when they were on sale. That’s being thrifty, and that’s all they had left.

It’s not being obsessive when you throw away old lights to standardize on one type or style of lights. That’s keeping your theme stylish. Besides, the 20 year old lights were getting faded. Some people throw away their Christmas decorations every year. They say it saves space.

It’s not obsessive to buy a drafting program to lay out the arrangement of Christmas lights. It’s good planning.

Let’s not talk about buying 1200 feet of wire to make more extension cords for the Christmas lights. I was going for the price break.