Twas the day after Christmas
and things weren’t going right
my Christmas displays
just wouldn’t light

I needed them to shine
just one more time
Then into the box they go
ready for next Christmastime

I tinkered and pried
wiggled and poked
In frustration I gave it a kick
my neighbors must think it’s a joke

It so cold and windy
my nose almost froze
I should be inside
toasting up some Smores

If you’re wondering
why this post is late
It’s almost new years
putting it away can’t wait

I sit here with sniffs
and about to sneeze
wondering if my toes
will ever unfreeze

After sitting for hours
wrapped in blankets tight
till my fingers unfroze
so now I can type

tomorrow I’ll go out there
in the cold freezing wind
I’ll battle lights and electronic
with little hope that I’ll win

If you come by
you’ll see me shiver and shake
just bring me hot chocolate
and help me un-decorate

Happy holidays

Stay strong, write on.

Professor Hyram Voltage