It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Things are getting in the way of my writing. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening; pulling weeds, tilling the ground, and planting seeds. I got a big garden with over a hundred planters/flower pots and a 80 foot long three foot wide raised bed garden. Those two gardens hold a lot of plants. Seeds are cheap, especially since no one is selling pony packs of plants any more. A pony pack is a small tray of six plants and use to sell for a couple of bucks. Now all the hardware stores have are pint sized containers with one plant and it sells for four dollars or more. Four dollars times one hundred containers is expensive.

The other day I saw a video on the Think Media YouTube channel. It’s run by Sean Cannell and he was interviewing Lewis Howes. Mr. Howes talked a little about how making his bed in the morning was a good way to start your day. You get something done and it makes your bedroom look so much better. On top of that, that night when you go to bed having your bed made is so much better.

What has planting seeds and making your bed have to do with writing steampunk? It’s about the future. Pulling weeds will make the garden look better today and keep weeds down in the future. Making your bed in the morning will make your bedroom look better all day long and will be so much nicer that night.

Both are about getting ready for the future. Plant seeds and you’ll have flowers and vegetables in the future. Make your bed in the morning and you’ll have a nice bed in the future.

Writing books is about the future. Whether it’s about future income or leaving a mark or token for those in the future, writing a book is about your future. All these things; planting seeds, making your bed, and writing take time now. But the time you take now will leave it’s mark in the future.

It’s worth it to take that time now to leave something for the future. Even if it’s giving bags of zucchini away to people who don’t want that much.

Even after you’re gone, your book will leave your mark long after the zucchini is eaten.

Stay strong, write on, and are you sure you don’t want some zucchini?

Professor Hyram Voltage