You’ve sitting in a traffic jam and in normal traffic you have an hour more of driving to do. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a flying car. Weren’t we suppose to have one by now.

A little history. Back in the 1960s there was a animated cartoon show on prime time called The Jetsons. The show was set in 2062 and the family car was bubble domed flying car that looked like a space ship. It putted along rather than streaking across the sky at some hypervelocity.

Around the same time there was the TV show SuperCar. It was a children’s show done in Supermarionation. In case you didn’t know Supermarionation is the Czech style of marionette puppetry. Looks silly by today’s standards but is difficult to do.

We have flip phones that were shown in Star Trek in the 1960s how hard can a flying car be?

During President Obama term he launched a cancer moonshot to cure cancer. I haven’t heard anything about it since the announcement.

Ever week I heard about a new improvement or new development of a battery that will revolutionize the world. I’m still hearing claims, but I don’t see anything.

The list of breakthrough promises is long and heart breaking.

Would you want a flying car?

You might want to have one, but you would defiantly not want anyone else to have one. Think about it. Would you want a drunk flying his car into your house or some skyscraper? The car in Supercar was powered by an atomic motor. How would you like to have a nuclear accident in your back yard? The batmobile from the 1960s had atomic batteries. I would not like to be within a hundred miles of a major accident involving a real version of the batmobile.

A normal person flying an airplane will do the wrong thing if the plane goes into a stall and the plane will go into an uncontrollable dive into the ground. It takes training to fly an airplane. Planes have mechanical problems and fall out of the sky and we have been flying planes for over a hundred years. Now put thousands or hundreds of thousands of flying cars in the hands of ordinary people and it would not be safe anywhere, even without atomic batteries.

Self driving cars do not work right yet. They are getting better, but they are not there yet. Flying a plane or a car if a thousand times harder. It’s going to take a much better program than the one that drives a car on the road. And there are technical problem to over come. Several people have built flying cars. Some of them have died in the wrecks of the flying car.

We have made great advances in the last 60 years since the Jetsons show, but we have a long way to go. I don’t mean we should stop working on a flying car, but maybe the money would be better spent on cancer research.

Stay strong, write on, and let your dreams fly.
Professor Hyram Voltage