Time; you can’t buy it, you can only measure it, use it, or waste it.

You can write a Steampunk book. You can write a good science fiction book. But it’s going to take time. Lots and lots of time.

You can crave out time to write. It’s not easy. The experts say to give up time wasters. Give up endless TV binge watching. Give up spending so much time with friends.

That’s like telling a dieter to give up chocolate, give up things that taste good, give up food they’ve eaten all their lives. Have you ever met a person that went cold turkey on rice cakes and water for two weeks. That’s a person you don’t want to get within twenty feet of.

Some writers tell you to write whenever you can, in five to ten minute slots. Still other advocate writing in two hour or longer cycles. The second hour is where you fall into the groove. You only have to do that three or so times a week to get a book out in a couple of months.

What to do. Do both. You think this is hard, you’re right, but so is writing a book. It’s your time, no one can give you time, but anyone can take it away from you. Taking time from you makes some people feel superior, domineering. Down with the time bullies.

Do you remember the plot line for your favorite TV show that aired four weeks ago. If it’s not that interesting maybe that’s the show to give up. Along with the one after it that you watch just to fill time till your next favorite show.

You say you can’t give up on your kids. Then don’t. But remember, kids need alone time to. When you’re with your kids turn off the TV and interact with them. That’ll scare them. Read to your kids. If they’re older talk to them about the books they have read. They have to read books for school. Some of the best memories I have is my mother reading books to me. We didn’t have many books. There wasn’t a book store or library in the little village (less than 80 people) that was a quarter mile away form where I grew up. The little food store in the village did have a comic book rack, but it would be a couple of months between times my father would buy us a comic book. Between us kid we would read the comic book till it was in shreds. Buy your kids comic books and read them to your children.

Don’t go to hang out with someone. Go to interact with them. Make every second count.

Take a note book with you at all times. Have a quite second standing in line or waiting, then write in the note book. No one will notice, they’re all looking at their cell phones. At worst write in your cell phone. You’ll look like everyone else.

Live life to the fullest, do things, write.

Stay strong, write on, and write.

Professor Hyram Voltage