I have been having trouble writing these blogs and the cause has been starting me in the face. I’m stuck, isolated at home. I need inputs. One big source of inputs is conventions. Be it radio conventions, Science Fiction, or Steampunk conventions. Meeting new friends or old acquaintances. Talking to people seeing new things doing something different.

It may be two more months before I get my shots and can go to the grocery store and not feel like I’m risking my life.

The president got it, and he has the best medical help in the country, I can get it. And the doctor told me if I get it, it will not be good.

So to find ideas and get back to normal I have to start reading books. I have to start talking to people even if it’s only on Facebook or even zoom. I have to start writing emails and letters. Ideas here I come.

The NPR commentator was complaining about how there will be all these old geezers flying around after they get their second shot. We stayed safe, stayed isolated, we earned it. Stay safe and you will get yours, in a good way.

Six people killed in seconds on I-35 in Texas. I’ve been on that road. There’s a short distance till the other freeway dead ends into I-35 and you have to get over 7 lanes and the exits lanes are hard to get out of once your in one. There was another pile up near Austin. It was only 30 or 40 cars. Not enough to make the news, it’s under a hundred vehicles. I still can’t figure out how that white car got on top of two other cars. It did not look that beat up to have climbed on top of two car already stacked on top of each other.

So many books to read. I want something funny, something light for these dark times. So much of Steampunk is so dark. People in the 1800s laughed, they played jokes on each others. I may have to write that book.

Stay strong, write on, and laugh.

Professor Hyram Voltage