I’m the nom de plume of the author of the Steampunk book The Daemon Boat.

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Poison, Spies, Gunfights, Piracy. On the Job Training can be a killer for a reluctant apprentice agent.

It the late 1890s where air ships float in the sky, it is sea going ships that still make the British Empire great. When the Daemon Boat strikes savagely at the mouth of the Thames almost sinking an American Coast Guard boat the British Ministry of War and Security must respond. Short of manpower the MWS thrust the only person they have left, Ethel, into a shaky partnership with an American spy. Their mission is to find the red eyed Daemon Boat.

Crisscrossing France the two attempt to stay alive and elude enemy spies, poisoners, and assassins in their pursuit of the destructive boat.

Brought up as a proper English Lady, Ethel finds being a spy dangerous, confusing, and not at all the proper way to go about one’s day.

The closer they come to uncovering the Daemon Boat’s secrets the higher the stakes become. What started out as a threat to shipping turns into a plan to strip control of the English Channel from the British Empire. Then the threat of war raises its ugly head.

In the heat of trying to steal the secrets of the Daemon Boat she commits an act of piracy. Chased by a ship load of enemy spies and an English Warship, both who are in no mood to take prisoners, will she survive to deliver the warning about the coming war?